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        Updated September 2018/Aggiornato Settembre 2018
    • Ph.D., International Relations, Cardiff University (2004)
    • Postgraduate Diploma, Research Methods, Portsmouth University
    • Postgraduate Diploma, Italian Society for International Organization
    • Diploma di Laurea, Università di Roma3 (including one year at the University of Sussex and a DAAD study grant at the University of Konstanz)

    Current and Past Academic Appointments:

    • Associate Professor, History of International Relations, Università di Roma Tre (National Habilitation as Full Professor in 2018)
    • Programme Director of the Master’s Degree in Peace Studies (2016), Università di Roma Tre
    • Adjunct Professor, International Relations, The American University of Rome
    • Associate Lecturer, Università LUMSA
    • Associate Lecturer, University of Cardiff
    • Guest Lecturer, University of Washington

    My main research and teaching interests lie in post World War Two international history, specifically U.S.-European relations, the German question and German unification, NATO’s evolution during and after the Cold War, European security and defence policies, and international relations theory, particularly the realist research paradigm.

    I am a member of the Management Committee of the Transatlantic Studies Association and a member of the Italian Society of International History. I also held memberships of the British International Studies, of the Political Studies Association, of the Association for the Study of German Politics, and of the Association for the Study of Modern Italy and of the Society for Italian Studies.

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