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    Current position
    – 2019-present Full professor in English Language and Translation at the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures, ROMA TRE University.
    – Since August 2014:  eligible as full professor (2012 national competition; votes: 5 out of 5, called in June 2019).


    – 1974   Graduated in Foreign languages (English, French and Spanish) at the University of Rome La Sapienza (110 cum laude); dissertation on “The Campesino Theatre” (Supervisor: Agostino Lombardo).
    – 1975-76  Attended the MA in Anglo-Irish Literature at UCD, Dublin, thanks to an Italian MAE 8-month grant.
    – 1975-76  Italian Language Assistant in the Department of Italian, UCD,Dublin, Ireland.

    – 1976 Qualified as an English teacher in Italian high schools (Abilitazione 100/ 100).

    – 1981 Tenure as  high school English teacher (Ruolo).
    – 1988-1989  She received her training as “Language Teacher Educator” in 1988 (6-week-course at Norwich Bell School, UK), thanks to a British Council grant, and in 1989 (8-week-course at San Francisco State University, USA) thanks to a Fulbright scholarship.
    – 1996-98   President of TESOL Italy
    – 1997    MA TEFL, Centre for Applied Language Studies, University of Reading, UK. Dissertation: “Trainer Discourse: a mirror of trainers’ and teachers’  beliefs”(Supervisor: Ron White).
    – 2000   PhD in Teaching Italian as a second language, University for Foreigners in Siena. Dissertation: “Il parlato nella valutazione certificatoria/Spoken language in certifications” (Supervisor: Massimo Vedovelli).
    – 2000-07  Lecturer in Foreign Language Test Development at the Department of Education, ‘La Sapienza’ University, Rome.
    – 2001-06  (October 1st 2001 – 30 September 2006) Assistant professor in English Linguistics at Cassino University, Cassino. Coordinator of the Campus One Evaluation system . Member of the PhD Program.
    – 2001-04  Elected in the Board of Directors of TESOL International. (Service 2001-2004).
    – 2006-10  Assistant professor in English Linguistics (also Language and translation) at the Department of Linguistics, Roma Tre University.
    – 2006-10   Italian coordinator of the European longitudinal research project ELLIE (Early Language Learning in Europe), funded by the British Council (2006-2007) first and then by the European Union Life Long learning Program (2007-2010).
    – 2014-2016   Member of TESOL International Research Standing Committee; since 2016 Incoming Chair of the TESOL Intl. Researh Professional Council
    – Editor of Perspectives, a Journal of TESOL Italy since 1999
    – Recipient of scholarships & grants from the British Council (1981; 1988; 1991), the Fulbright commission (1989, 1999), the EU (2001;2006;2007).



    • Her main research fields are: Language Teacher Education; Early Language Learning; World Englishes; English as a Lingua Franca; ESP ( fashion terminology); Assessment, Evaluation and Certification in L1 (Italian as a second language) and in L2 (English); Subtitling for ELL; Language policies; Corpus Linguistics; CLIL; Language mediation in migration contexts.
    • Coordinator and member of the Scientific Committees of several research projects at national and international level for the Italian Ministry of Education, for the European Centre of Education (CEDE), for the European Union, for TESOL International, for ANSAS/INDIRE.
    • Scientific Committee Member of the CERT IT (Certificazione della Lingua Italiana) at Roma Tre since 2013.
    • External Evaluator for PhD Programs in the Universities of Milano Statale, Siena Stranieri and Modena.
    • 2006-07 Italian member of the Scientific Committee for the Development of a “Post-graduate diploma in Language Teaching at New Delhi University“, University of Delhi, India, for French, German, Italian and Spanish.



    1) 1999-2000 National Research Survey on Young Learners’ Foreign Language Achievement in French and English & Metalinguistic competence- Italian Ministry of Education & Rome University ‘La Sapienza’;

    2) 2000-2002  National Action Research Project – Italian Ministry of Education & Professional Associations (AISPI, ADILT, LEND, TESOL Italy);

    3) 2006-2010 ELLiE Project – Early Language Learning in Europe, Transnational Longitudinal Research in 7 European countries.  Italian coordinator. 

    4) 2011-2014 Early Language learning in Italy: transition from primary to middle school, Roma Tre University.

    5) 2018-2021 – The ENRICH Project – Erasmus+KA2  “English as a Lingua Franca Practices for Inclusive Multilingual Classrooms” (2018-1-EL01-KA201-047894): Italian coordinator.


    PRIN Projects (Italian National Research Projects)

    1) 2007 (2008-10): English lexicon, Turin University, 2007 YRY2LY _004 2 24 months;

    2) 2009 (2011-2013): Norms & Usage, Turin University;

    3) 2016 (2017-2020): English as a Lingua Franca in domain-specific contexts of intercultural communication. PRIN Project Prot. 2015REZ4EZ  –  University of Roma Tre Unit Coordinator


    Scientific Committees (International Conferences and Journal Reviewer)

    • Reviewer for several academic journals: Lingue e linguaggi, Croatian Association of Applied Linguistics; SRAZ (Studia Romanica et Anglica Zagrabienskia); C.E.P.S. Journal,  University of  Ljubljana; System.
    • Scientific Committee member and reviewer for several international conferences: TESOL Intl.; ELF6, ELF7, ELF10;ELF 11;  AAAL 2015. 2017;  AILA 2014, AILA 2017


    – Member of the following professional associations: AIA (Associazione Italiana di Anglistica); ESSE; TESOL Intl.; TESOL Italy; American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL); AILA (International Association of Applied Linguistics); AITLA; EALTA (European Association of Language Testers); ALTE.

    • TESOL International: Member (1994-present); Professional Development Committee (1999-2000); Board of Directors (2001-2004); Nominating Committee (2005-2006); Branding Strategies Committee (2008-2009); Global Professional Committee(2007-2013); Research Committee (2013-2016); Task Force on Conference organisation (2015-2017); TESOL Research Professional Council Chair (Member since 2013)
    • AILA ReN (Research Networks):  1) ELF (English as a Lingua Franca) ReN since 2012; 2) Young Learners ReN , since 2014; 3) HoLLT.net . History of Language Learning and Teaching, since 2015; 4) CLIL ReN, since 2016.


    Cassino University, Cassino (2001-2006):

    – Coordinator of the Campus One Evaluation system;

    – Member of the Foreign Languages and Literatures PhD Program.

    ROMA TRE University

    • 2007-14 Erasmus coordinator
    • 2013-2016 Evaluation Committee (Commissione AVA) member 
    • 2016-2019 Responsible coordinator for the AVA Committee in the Degree courses L-12 and LM-38
    • 2013-2018 Member of the Executive Committee at ROMA TRE University Language Centre (CLA)
    • 2016-2018 Member of the Executive Board (Giunta) of the Department of Foreign languages, literatures and cultures.
    • Scientific committee coordinator for Roma Tre Certification of Italian as a Second/Foreign Language (2014-present) at the Roma Tre Language Centre
    • 2012-2019 Coordinator and course director/lecturer for the CLIL methodology courses 
    • 2013-present  PhD Program DOT13A7911 – Foreign languages, Literatures and Cultures, member.
    • ERASMUS Teaching Exchanges:
    • 1) 2012  February, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK;
    • 2) 2014 June – Umea University, Sweden.
    • Member of the Ministry of Education (MIUR) Committee for the National Exams (Concorsi) for the selection of teachers of English at middle and high school level in 2015/2016 and in 2013.


    • As a Teacher-trainer/Language Educator she has run numerous teacher education courses on language education , assessment & evaluation, teaching approaches etc., for teachers of Italian as a second language (University of Delhi, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012-Dante Alighieri) , for teachers of English, for subject teachers  in content based instruction (CLIL) at national and international (England, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, India) level since 1984 to present.
    • She has always taught the foreign language teaching and assessment and evaluation components in the University based Pre-service teacher training courses for English teachers:     PSLLSS (1985-1993), SSIS (1999-2010), TFA (2013-2015), PAS (2013-2015) and for Teachers of Italian as a 2nd language and cultural mediators (PRILS Project).
    • She has developed on-line courses and materials for several research institutions (ANSAS/INDIRE) and universities (BAICR – Tor Vergata; CAFIS Roma Tre).
    • 2013-2014   She has coordinated and run the first two methodological in-service courses for CLIL teachers at CAFIS.  -2015 – 2016 Coordinates and runs the second cycle of CLIL Methodology courses at CAFIS.

    CV  last update December 2019


      She has presented at several national and international conferences.

    BRITISH COUNCIL Conferences (Italy)
    1986 Sorrento:  “Video Projects at school”
    1989 Milano:  “Developing Learner Autonomy”
    1993 Sorrento:  a-Key note address on “ESP in Italian schools”
    b- Open Forum on ESP, Chairperson
    c- “ESP teaching and Project Work”
    1997 Bologna: a- “Teachers: the solitary reapers?”
    b- “Project work and portfolio assessment for ESP settings”
    1998 Bologna: a- “Evaluating an innovation: EFL at primary level”
    b- “Cooperative projects in ESP”
    1999 Palermo:  a- “Facing the challenge of the new maturità”
    b- “EFL Teacher Education: Establishing Meaningful University-Schools Partnerships
    2000 Bologna: “ Teachers in time”
    2001 Venezia: “Who’s afraid of innovations? Promoting a language friendly environment”
    2001 Napoli: “The English Teacher in the 21st century”
    2002 Firenze: “Delegating or developing? Facing the dilemma of the assessment process”
    2002 Napoli: a- “Back to reality: listening to students’ voices”
    b- “Self-assessment and Portfolios at Scuola media level”
    2004 Venezia: a- “Bridging Continuity”
    b- “Working towards ‘collegial’ assessment: negotiating tools and criteria”
    2005 Sorrento:  a-“From language awareness to translation: bridging the gap between school and university”
    b- “Between the lines: reading portfolios”
    2006 Bologna: a- “Shifting perspectives: language corpora for language teaching and learning”


    TESOL ITALY Conferences (Att. da completare poiché non tutti i titoli  sono stati riportati)



    Teacher Observation: Bridging the gap between University Theoretical Education and the Practice of  Classroom Teaching



    What we can learn from Primary Teachers



    Key-Note Address on:   “Interdisciplinary work



    a.    Opening:   “Not Only Language”                                  

    b.” More than Meets the Eye:   Teaching English Writing Skills from Primary to Secondary



    a.      Opening: “Past into Future”              

    b.  Panelist in the colloquium:  “Continuity in the language curriculum



    Opening:   “Mind the language



    a. Opening: “Teachers as Learners, Learners as Teachers”                 

    b.  Panel on Teacher Education , Chair



     Innovations in the Italian school system



    Enhancing written interaction at middle school



    Self-assessment and portfolios



    Portfolios in Action



    Sustaining quality, continuity and results in learning and teaching



    Shifting perspectives: language corpora for language teaching and learning

    Chair of the Panel session “SSIS: looking ahead”(U. Capra, S. La Rana, A. Graziano, A. Duguid)



    • Chair of the panel on: Corpus Linguistics, a Primary Issue (Marina Bondi, Michael McCarthy, Douglas Biber)
    • Enever, J. Lopriore, L. Early Language Learning in Europe: a multinational, longitudinal study
    • Lopriore, L. Corpus Linguistics in Language Education




















    • ELF challenges in ELT & CLIL language teacher education


    • Freeman et al. & Lopriore Training-of-Trainers Project
    • Fiasco & Lopriore  Language corpora as paths for language learning
    • Lopriore & Sperti   Mediation strategies development in ELF-aware language learning contexts


    LEND (Italia)



    “Per uno sviluppo della autonomia del docente”



    a. “Trainer Discourse: a Mirror of Trainers’ and Teachers’ beliefs” 

    b. “Cooperative learning in the primary classroom”  



    Speaking words of wisdom (Plenaria)

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