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    • Grazzi, E. (2018). Trajectories of Change in English Language Teaching. An ELF-Aware Approach. Trento: Tangram Edizioni Scientifiche (pp. 1-194) ISBN 978-88-6458-178-1
    • Grazzi, E. (2013). The Sociocultural Dimension of ELF in the English Classroom. Rome: Editoriale Anicia (pp. 1-212). ISBN 9788867091232.


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    Contributions in volumes       

    • Lopriore, L. & Grazzi, E. (2019). English as a Lingua Franca in language classrooms: identifying priorities for teaching education. In V. Bonsignori, G. Cappelli & E. Mattiello (Eds.), WORLDS OF WORDS: Complexity, Creativity, and Conventionality in English Language, Literature and Culture. Vol. 1 Language. Pisa: Pisa University press (pp. 399-409). ISBN 9788833392448
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    • Grazzi, E. (2018). The Integration of ELF and Social Networking into ELT: An Ethnographic Survey. In S.A. Houghton & K. Hashimoto (Eds.), Towards Post-Native-Speakerism: Dynamics and Shifts. Singapore: Springer Nature (pp. 235-258). ISBN 9789811071607
    • Grazzi, E. (2017). A landscape of innovations in ELT: blending ELF and intercultural telecollaboration. In L. Landolfi & F. Cavaliere (Eds.), Transnational Subjects, Linguistic Encounters: Selected Papers from XXVII AIA Conference. Vol. II. Napoli: Liguori Editore. (pp. 235- 250). ISBN 978-88-207-6740-2
    • Grazzi, E. (2017) Telecollaboration and the Remediation of Intercultural Communication. In M. Canepari, G. Mansfield & F. Poppi (Eds.), The Many Facets of Remediation in Language Studies. Beau-Bassin: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (pp. 153-167). ISBN 9786202003735
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    • Grazzi, E. and Maranzana, S. (2016) ELF and Intercultural Telecollaboration: a case Study. In L. Lopriore, E. Grazzi (Eds.), Intercultural Communication. New Perspectives from ELF. Rome, Roma TrE-Press (pp. 109-133). ISBN: 9-788897-524618
    • Grazzi, E. (2015). Linking ELF and ELT in Secondary School through Web-mediation: The Case of Fanfiction. In H. Bowles, A. Cogo (Eds.), International Perspectives on English as a Lingua FrancaPedagogical Insights. London: Palgrave Macmillan (pp. 55-72). ISBN 9781137398079
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    • Grazzi, E. (2012). The web as a participatory environment: social networks and ‘memes’ from a teacher’s perspective. In S. Campagna, G. Garzone, C. Ilie, E. Rowley-Jolivet (Eds.), Evolving Genres in Web-mediated Communication. Bern: Peter Lang AG, International Academic Publishers (pp. 175-195). ISBN 978-3-0343-1013-0
    • Grazzi, E. (2012). English as a Lingua Franca and wikis as new affordances for the language classroom. The case of cooperative writing and fanfiction. In G. Ludbrook, D. Newbold (Eds.), English Lingua Franca: Contexts, Strategies and International Relations. Papers from a conference held at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice October 2011. Venice: Libreria Editrice Cafoscarina (pp. 79-89).                                 ISBN 978-88-7543-340-6
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    • Grazzi, E. (2011). The sociocultural dimension of ELF in the English classroom: the case of fanfiction through social networking. In L. Lopriore (Ed.), Perspectives – A Journal of TESOL Italy, vol. XXXVIII, n. 1 Spring 2011, Roma: Anicia Editore (pp. 7-55). ISBN 978-88-6709-049-5
    • Grazzi, E. (2010). Language transfer revisited. The Global English perspective and its pedagogic implications. In C. Gagliardi, A. Maley (Eds.), Linguistic Insights – Studies in Language and Communication Vol. 96: EIL, ELF, Global English: Teaching and Learning Issues. Bern: Peter Lang AG, International Academic Publishers (pp. 189-205).                ISBN 978-3-0343-0010-0
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    • Grazzi, E. (2008). Attivazione di un sistema tutoriale. Predisposizione e valutazione del materiale didattico di supporto al tutorato per la lingua inglese, livello A2 (Activation of a tutorial system. Creation and validation of teaching materials to support English tutoringLevel A2). In F. Petruccelli, V. Verrastro, B. D’Amario (Eds.), Dalla scuola all’università: una scelta di vita. Milano: Franco Angeli (pp. 477-496). ISBN 978-88-464-9991-2
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    Articles in journals                 

    • Grazzi, E. & Lopriore, L. (2019). ELF awareness for teacher education in Italy: attitudes and actions. In Estudos linguìsticos y literàrios. In press.
    • Lopriore, L. & Grazzi, E. (2019). ELF & WE awareness in ELT: non-native Italian teachers’ perspectives. In RILA (Rassegna Italiana di Linguistica Applicata) (Q1 journal). In press.
    • Grazzi, E. (2017). ELF in the English Classroom: Great Ideas and Burning Open Questions. In M. Morbiducci (Ed.), Lingue e Linguaggi 17 (2017) Winter Special Issue, Università del Salento (pp. 203-223). ISSN 2239-0367 e-ISSN 2239-0359. (Q1 journal).
    • Grazzi, E. (2014). The Sociocultural Dimension of ELF in the English Classroom: a Case Study on Web-Mediated Activities. In M.G. Guido, B. Seidlhofer (Eds.), Textus: English Studies in Italy. Volume XXVII (2014) No. 1 (January-April). Perspectives on English as a Lingua Franca (pp. 155-171). ISSN 1824-3967. (Q1 journal).
    • Grazzi, E. (2001) Prove di italiano a distanza (Italian Distance Tests). In Italiano e Oltre, n° 4/2001, La Nuova Italia, Firenze. ISSN: 0393-988X
    • Grazzi, E. (1997) The Image of the Vortex in E.A. PoeIn Englishes – Joint Venture n. 3 Anno 1°, Pagine 1997 (pp. 38-47). ISSN: 1593-2494
    • Grazzi, E. (1997) The Dimension of Time in W.B. Yeats. In Englishes – Joint Venture, n. 2 Anno 1°, Pagine 1997 (pp. 48-53). ISSN: 1593-2494
    • Grazzi, E. (1997) Using Video Materials in EFL Classes at All Levels. In Englishes – Joint Venture, n. 1 Anno 1°, Pagine 1997 (pp. 11-21).        ISSN 1593-2494
    • Grazzi, E. (1986). English as an L3. In Problems and Experiences in the Teaching of English. n. 2/1986, La Nuova Italia – Oxford University Press, Scandicci (Florence) (pp. 23-26). ISSN 0393-5531

    Conference proceedings

    • Grazzi, E. (2009). A Corpus-Based Analysis of Modality in four English Textbooks for the First Certificate Exam. In D. Torretta, M. Dossena, A. Sportelli (Eds.), Proceedings of the 23rd AIA Conference. Forms of Migration. Migration of Forms. Progedit, Bari 2009 (pp. 260-274). ISBN 978-88-6194-057-4


    • Grazzi, E. (2004). Il genere e il significato metaforico della traduzione. In Testo a Fronte, Anno XVI – n. 30 – I semester 2004. Milano: Marcos y Marcos (pp. 45-69) ISSN 1128-238X, ISBN 88-7168-403-6. Source text: Chamberlain, L. (1988). Gender and the Metaphorics of Translationin Signs, Vol. 13 – n. 3 – Spring 1988. (pp. 454-472). (Q1 journal)

     Book reviews

    • Global Englishes: A Resource Book for Students (third edition) by J. Jenkins and Introducing Global Englishes by N. Galloway and H. Rose. In ELT Journal Volume 70/4 October 2016 (pp. 469-473).                      DOI: 10.1093/elt/ccw063 UK ISSN 0951-0893 (Q1 journal)
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    • Grazzi, E. (2006). Horizons on Literature. An Approach to 19th and 20th Century Literature. Oxford: Oxford University Press.                          ISBN 0-19-470802-0.
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