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  • Materiali didattici- Lingua e traduzione inglese II – A.A. 2019-20

    Exams: Evaluation grid

    Inglese 2_Criteri valutazione_2019-2020

    Esercitazione di traduzione n. 1

    Esercitazione 1_Sea level-CaliforniaTransaltion 1_Los Angeles Times_Sea level rise in California

    Notes on translation studies

    Grazzi_Notes on translation

    Esercitazione di traduzione n. 2

    Esercitazione 2_Bruno Mars

    Dell Hymes: Modello SPEAKING

    Modello SPEAKING_Dell Hymes

    A video on “translation equivalence”

    Watch this video at https://youtu.be/MhCU9lYpcUI and jot down a short note with its essential concepts.

    Roman Jakobson, Essay on Translation

    Jakobson_Essay on Transaltion

    A second video on translation.

    Watch this video on translation at : https://youtu.be/LGjM4Ofn9ao

    Jot down a short note with its essential ideas.

    Powerpoint: Notes on Chapter 2, by Eleonora Perugini

    Chapter 2_TRANSLATION STRATEGIES-Eleonora Perugini

    A third video on translation

    A very “peculiar” presentation against Nida’s translation of the Bible…

    Watch this video and jot down a few notes about the controversial points this presenter is making at a conference about dynamic translation.



    Esercitazioni di traduzione n. 3 e 4

    Translate these two different texts and reflect on their linguistic features. Focus on language registers, vocabulary, idioms and culture-specific elements.


    Bohemian Rhapsody review_The Guardian_04-12-18 

    Esercitazione di traduzioine n. 5

    Analyse the cases of lexicogrammar translation highlighted in this text. You can use Newmark’s and Koller’s classifications , on pp. 72 and 76 of your textbook.

    Bohemian Rhapsody review_The Guardian_04-12-18_CON TRADUZIONE

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